Sunday, June 20, 2010

Blog Post 4

My review of podcast
I learn that by doing a podcast, it can be a fun and exciting way to get students to learn. Not only could it be an interesting way for them to learn but a way to get them involved in the learning process. I also believe that podcast can be a reward for students, either by: allowing the students to create their own or by listening to another podcast at story time.

I think podcast are another form of a lecture source, without the person actually standing in front of you speaking. Doing a podcast can eliminate someone being nervous or intimidated by their audience. It can allow the speaker to be more comfortable when having to present to a huge audience.

Podcasting with First grade
This is a great thing to know that podcast works well with first graders. The teacher stated that by the end of the book they had heard the podcast about twenty times. Now just think if this was a lesson that you were teaching the students and they hear the information over and over again. It is exciting to the students and they are learning, just in case they did not catch something the first time they have many chances to listen again.

Even though this podcast was a story, it was a way to show that we all need to work together to get a task done. This also was a way to get others around the world an opportunity to not only explore the book, but also have audio from someone their own age about the story.

Eagle Nest Radio & Class Blog
I think this is a great asset to the lesson that a teacher has already taught or about to teach. This is just a way to reinforce what the students have already learned. This is also a way to get those students who are having trouble understanding what the lesson is about, another chance to grasp the information from a students point of view.

This podcast also has ways of not only having the students just memorize information for a test. It also helps them to evaluate and analyze the information they have learned and keep it in their memory for a long period of time. The students are researching and present information that the found on there own. They also are having a chance to experience teaching a lesson. Another thing is they will have an experience with a positive aspect of computers and technology.

This website gave me a lot of insight about podcasting, it also gave me ideas that podcasting could be used for many things and not only school related activities but for things such as: introducing a new procedure to employees or a new piece of equipment. This website also showed me that even though you may not be fully technology literate with some simple instructions anyone could learn the use of podcast.

This also opens my eyes to podcasting being a helpful way to get those who are not interested or willing to learn about technology. It is a creative approach that may make them interested in learn about using technology. It may also be a way to showing them that is an extra resource to teaching a lesson.

The Education Podcasting Network
This site shows me many different areas the podcast are used, mainly for education. I also saw a topic on dance education, which I believe is another excellent way to use podcast. Many people can view them from different locations and have a chance to learn some new dance moves from all different cultures. Also learn about different cultures in a more interesting way then just a textbook.

You can also learn all about what podcast are, in different ways. Each site contains new and intriguing information to me, things that would enjoy using and introducing to my classroom. Al this information is very helpful and also informs you that you can use other sources to assist you with teaching strategies besides those from inside the school.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Blog Post 3

Don’t Teach Your Kids This Stuff, Please? By: Scott McLeod
I really enjoyed Dr. McLeod comment. I would agree with him not teaching your kids this stuff. But, they will learn one way or the other. Either on there own or by someone who will tell them the rights and wrongs about using computers. Sometimes, when you are on a search engine searching for a topic many things come up under the category that you are searching. We may not know, and click on a link; it may be a site that children should not be exposed to. I feel that if they are taught the positives and the negative there may be a chance they will not continue to search on that website. On the other hand you have some individuals that are curious about everything and have to experience things first hand rather it be right or wrong.

Dr. Scott McLeod seems to be a very interesting person. He is the Associate Professor and Coordinator of Iowa State University, Educational Administration Program. He is also recognized as being one of the nations leading academic experts on K-12 school technology leadership issues. Also in 2003 Dr. McLeod and others created the country’s first graduate program to prepare technology-savvy school leaders. I found this information about Dr. McLeod on his website at

The ischool Initiative
I think all those ideas are great, especially coming from a high school student who would love to be in class on-line. Some of the features he talked about like seeing the solar system, I think that would be a great thing to display science in a classroom. My question is will this actually work effectively? How will we know it is the student doing the work themselves, and not a robot? Also some students need to be face to face with a professional educator to understand the material. Some need the one on one time and the atmosphere feel of a classroom. Those in the lower socioeconomic status will they be able to afford the change.

Also looking at the educational exchange if they do not have the education, then they will be subject to the lower side of the occupational hierarchy. In order to have a job you have to have some sort of education. If the students do not put the time and become lazy they will not continue to do the work, which will result in them failing. Which this could possible led to them never finishing school. Even though this may cost a lesser price, will this lessen the education of those who are already victims to failure? Me personally I just feel like there is no better education then it being right in front of you, not through the source of another device.

Watch The Lost Generation
My reaction is wow! At first I thought she just did not have hope for anything. In the end she does have hope. I think that this is a quick fix society. However I do believe we are getting a little better with the environment, as far as going green and solar power. Family is the far most important thing in some cases. Some people may consider the people they work for and with, their family. In some cases we do have to consider work being more important than family, in order to survive. I do not think money will make you happy or solve all your problems, but it is like some sort of insurance to make you a little comfortable in life. I believe also that happiness come form within and knowing that that you can not change the world, but you can make a difference in the world.

The technique used was great; I loved the reverse that was my favorite part. The statements reversed and you could actually keep up with what she was saying, which was interesting.

Eric Whitaker’s Virtual Choir

When I first read the title I thought it was going to be an avatar choir. No it was actually people in there own home, or were they were located. And the fact to know that they never performed together or ever even physically met makes this video so amazing and very cool. This let me know that there are many things you can do with the use of technology. Using this in a positive way for internet usage, it showed that just as you can get together physically and sing. You can get together virtually with a click of a button as well.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Blog Post 2

Michael Wesch: A Vision of Students Today
I watched this movie several time. There were some interesting things to know, every time I watched the video I saw different things. At the beginning I did not think it was a reflection of my college experience, but one of my high schools with the writings on the walls and the chairs. As the video played it was an experience that I have gone through in college. The large classrooms were notes are posted on slides and the teacher just going through reading slides. All the test material comes from the slides, but you bought the book.

I really began to think the students were telling my college life story, but I see that most college students are all the same. However I do seem to study more than that, but as far as the sleep, the readings, and being online. I have experienced all of that, not only being online for class work, as well as, social purposes.

"It's Not About the Technology" :By Kelley Hines
I would have to be in favor of that it is not all about technology. I would also agree that technology should be incorporated in to the classroom, but not be the only source. Another thing is if we as teachers can be able to learn and show technology in ways that are fun and not just textbook bound, then technology would not be so complicated for others to learn and may also make them more willing to learn. It would give students an opportunity to explore new things and communicate with the world.

I will also be using some of the strategies mention in my classroom. I think they are great ways to get the students prepared for any situation they are faced with in their lifetime. I also think they are great ways to get them involved with their peers. Also let them know it is not all about the technology. So that if one student is not learning, then that student will not feel like they are left out of the learning process.

Karl Fisch: Is It Okay to Be A Technologically Illiterate Teacher?
I would not say that being technologically illiterate is the same as teachers 30 years ago not being able to read or write. I think everyone is technologically illiterate in some form or fashion. In today’s world we have television, DVD/VCR players, cell phones, microwaves and many may more. So it is not just about the use of technology, but about which technology used is acceptable to society. Further more I think that reading and writing is the best technology that could ever be used and taught. Without the use of both tools how can you create technology?

I do not think anyone should be criticized or lose their jobs because they are not literate to technology. Maybe we could place them in a position were they do not use technology at that job. Maybe we should find ways to help them want to be technologically literate. Instead of criticizing them to cause more harm to the individuals allow them to use none literate technology in other places.

Gary Hayes Social Media Count
I believe that this means throughout my professional career as a teacher things and people will change dramatically. As an educator I should be ready and prepared for tat change that will take place while teaching. It also means that there are other ways of communicating with parents, students, and others besides a phone call or a letter sent home. I also figure that I will receive a faster response to a situation or a question by using the internet tool to communicate.

Monday, June 7, 2010

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First Video Blog

"Did You Know?"
Computer Technology and the growth of the population are all expanding at a rapid pace. Seeing the numbers of how fast things are changing and growing is totally different than what I thought. With technology expanding so quickly would that be "a good thing" or "a bad thing". Although it was just pictures and music this film really made me think about now and the future.

With the increase in population at a rapid pace, will there be enough resources available to support its growth. Will there be enough food for everyone? Will there be enough jobs created? Or Will Technology replace human capabilities? These are just some thoughts I had after watching this film.

"Mr. Wrinkles wakes"
People do not advance with technology. Some individuals do not like to use technology they things done as what is said to be "the olden way". Some people are not taught how to use technology or to operate a computer. Most jobs and business rely on computers to hold all sorts of information. They also use computers to find information, solutions to problems and communicate.

This video also made me think about how can an individual keep up with technology and things change so quickly. There are so many things to know and so many steps to take that we would be old and technology will still be new. I believe the only partial way to keep up with technology is through the use of computers. Mostly everyone has one and they make access to things very easy. However I do not think we should become solely reliable on just computers because they have been know to fail, in times when we really need them to work.

"Sir Ken Robinson: The Importance of Creativity"
He was very funny and got my attention from the beginning. I will agree that being creative will help you become a better educator. Also having a humorous side will take you long way in the education field. It is also important to help students understand real life situations and being creative is an effective way to help students understand.

I also think students who may have some learning disability should be placed in an environment that they are comfortable for learning. Rather than putting that individual on medication and leaving them were they are not comfortable and will not learn. I think it is best that every students learn something even if it is something as dance they can use that to live a suitable life.

"Vicki Davis Harness Your Students' Digital Smarts"
I think the idea of allowing students to use technology as a way of learning in the classroom is great. Allowing the students to do collaborative work through the use of a social network gives them an opportunity to learn about other cultures. It also gives them a chance to learn things from different people and enhances their knowledge about diversity. It will also let them speak without being afraid or having added pressure of having to speak in front of someone who is intimidating.

It also allows them to stay connecting to the world all on one site and being in one place. It is like traveling but from a central location. Blogging sites also give people a chance to express themselves without being judged. I think this will also make them more will to learn because they are experiencing learning through a computer and also have a chance to teach others things that they have explored. This also shows students that they are not the only learners in this situation, and learning comes in different styles.