Sunday, June 20, 2010

Blog Post 4

My review of podcast
I learn that by doing a podcast, it can be a fun and exciting way to get students to learn. Not only could it be an interesting way for them to learn but a way to get them involved in the learning process. I also believe that podcast can be a reward for students, either by: allowing the students to create their own or by listening to another podcast at story time.

I think podcast are another form of a lecture source, without the person actually standing in front of you speaking. Doing a podcast can eliminate someone being nervous or intimidated by their audience. It can allow the speaker to be more comfortable when having to present to a huge audience.

Podcasting with First grade
This is a great thing to know that podcast works well with first graders. The teacher stated that by the end of the book they had heard the podcast about twenty times. Now just think if this was a lesson that you were teaching the students and they hear the information over and over again. It is exciting to the students and they are learning, just in case they did not catch something the first time they have many chances to listen again.

Even though this podcast was a story, it was a way to show that we all need to work together to get a task done. This also was a way to get others around the world an opportunity to not only explore the book, but also have audio from someone their own age about the story.

Eagle Nest Radio & Class Blog
I think this is a great asset to the lesson that a teacher has already taught or about to teach. This is just a way to reinforce what the students have already learned. This is also a way to get those students who are having trouble understanding what the lesson is about, another chance to grasp the information from a students point of view.

This podcast also has ways of not only having the students just memorize information for a test. It also helps them to evaluate and analyze the information they have learned and keep it in their memory for a long period of time. The students are researching and present information that the found on there own. They also are having a chance to experience teaching a lesson. Another thing is they will have an experience with a positive aspect of computers and technology.

This website gave me a lot of insight about podcasting, it also gave me ideas that podcasting could be used for many things and not only school related activities but for things such as: introducing a new procedure to employees or a new piece of equipment. This website also showed me that even though you may not be fully technology literate with some simple instructions anyone could learn the use of podcast.

This also opens my eyes to podcasting being a helpful way to get those who are not interested or willing to learn about technology. It is a creative approach that may make them interested in learn about using technology. It may also be a way to showing them that is an extra resource to teaching a lesson.

The Education Podcasting Network
This site shows me many different areas the podcast are used, mainly for education. I also saw a topic on dance education, which I believe is another excellent way to use podcast. Many people can view them from different locations and have a chance to learn some new dance moves from all different cultures. Also learn about different cultures in a more interesting way then just a textbook.

You can also learn all about what podcast are, in different ways. Each site contains new and intriguing information to me, things that would enjoy using and introducing to my classroom. Al this information is very helpful and also informs you that you can use other sources to assist you with teaching strategies besides those from inside the school.


  1. Cassandra,

    Your point ... Not only could it be an interesting way for them to learn but a way to get them involved in the learning process ... is a very powerful one. We need to motivate students and get them interested but we MUST make them part of the learning process. We have to engage them in the process by making them stakeholders. Great point.

  2. Cassandra,
    Glad you are learning so much about podcasting. With the C4K I was so shocked what 1st graders know and do with podcasting! I did not even know what podcasting was until this class. You have made some interesting points and I think you did a great job on your post!!